The documentation on the PAPI framework can be accessed according to the following categories:

Introductory material

If you do not understand the benefits of Authentication & Authorization Infrastructures or what the most common deployments of PAPI are, you need to read these documents.

These are some documents about the why and what of AAIs and the basic PAPI technology concepts:

  • PAPI for Numpties, by Ian Stuart [HTM]
  • El Sistema PAPI en el CSIC, by Carmen Pérez [HTM] [Spanish]
  • Control de acceso a proveedores de información [PPT] [Spanish]
  • FAQ for the Perl PAPI Distribution [HTM]

And these are some practical documents on how to deploy PAPI:

  • Instalación y configuración de una arquitectura PAPI, by Jaime Pérez Crespo [PDF] [Spanish]
  • Instalación de PAPI en la Universidad de Córdoba para proporcionar acceso remoto a bases de datos y publicaciones electrónicas, by Luis Meléndez [HTM] [Spanish]
  • Conexión Metalib, SFX y PAPI, by Teresa Matamoros Casas [PDF] [Spanish]


  • Reference table of the PAPI protocol requests and responses [PDF]
  • A Detailed Description of the PAPI Protocol [PDF]

Software documentation

  • Perl
    • PAPI Perl Install Guide [HTML]
    • Guide for Beginners to the PAPI Perl Distribution [HTML]
    • Documentation of the PAPI Perl Distribution [HTML]
  • Java
    • Installing PAPI as an SSO for a Shibboleth IdP [HTML]
    • PAPIFilter Installation Guide [HTML]
    • PAPIFilter Javadoc [HTML]
    • PAPIJAAS Installation Guide [HTML]
    • PAPIJAAS Javadoc [HTML]
    • SAGPoA Installation Guide [HTML]
  • PHP
    • phpPoA documentation [PDF]