PAPI is a open source project, and contributions from its user community are the main source for enhancing the system and providing support.

The User's Mailing List

A mailing list, open to all users of PAPI, is maintained as a forum for the exchange of questions and answers, the announcement of new versions, the request and distribution of bug fixes, the requirement of features, the sharing of experiences and any other information relevant for the PAPI user community. From this page you can:

The Proxy Specification Repository

Many PAPI installations use PAPI proxy mode to access remote resources. Since PAPI proxy needs to rewrite pages as they pass through, PAPI proxy configuration may become a tricky business: subtle rewriting rules, changes in vendor interfaces, different ways of achieving the same objective,... In order to ease the use of PAPI proxies, we have prepared a repository of PAPI proxy specifications.

The repository contains a set of files, each containing the PAPI proxy directives required to seamlessly access a certain remote resource. Files are identified by the manin domain name of the resource, and they contain only PAPI proxy directives: the rest of PAPI directives must be added by the proxy administrator.

Contributions to this repository are very much welcome. Please direct them to the user's mailing list or to the PAPI development team.