Document on connecting SFX and Metalib to PAPI

This document describes how BV-SSPA has integrated their SFX and Metalib systems with a PAPI-based infrastructure for identifying users and a PAPI-based proxy cloud to provide access to non-federated resources. It provides practical advice to Metalib/SFX users and an example of how to accomplish this integration in other cases.

New phpPoA release

Sites using phpPoA should update to version 1.13, recently released. This new version provides better log functionality.
IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from a previous version, please note that the directive error_log has been changed into Log in this version.

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Consolidating PAPI-EE

PAPI-EE is a general framework providing the foundations for current and future implementations of the PAPI protocol(s) in Java.

Almost all PAPI Java components are already based in this framework. Those not yet in PAPI-EE are being migrated by the PAPI development team.

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PAPI 1.4.1 avaialble

Version 1.4.1 of the PAPI core Perl distribution has been released in July 2007. This is the last PAPI Perl distribution that will be supported for Apache 1. The development team is working in version 1.5, that will require Apache 2 and will provide a new configuration interface.

To know more about PAPI 1.4.1 you can access the Relase Notes for this version, or directly download the software distribution.

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